The Benefits Of A Vertical Wheelchair Lift

Most of us take for granted the myriad of activities we perform on a daily basis – walking, running, and climbing stairs, among others. But for those who face physical challenges on a daily basis, the most commonplace of activities can be either difficult or impossible. For those who are wheelchair bound, climbing stairs is simply out of the question and a variety of accommodations must be relied upon on a daily basis. While ramps and elevators are standard in most public buildings today, there often still exists the necessity for further equipment to help in the management in stairs. In many cases, a vertical wheelchair lift can serve an enormous benefit for those who are physically challenged.

A vertical chairlift is either electric or hydraulic powered and allows those in a wheelchair to stay in their wheelchair while being elevated to a higher level. A vertical chairlift can be used in a variety of situations, including in the event of an elevated front porch of a home, a stage in an auditorium, or the interior of older public buildings where elevators are too small to handle a wheelchair. In fact, many older buildings – in an effort to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines – choose to install a vertical piattaforme elevatrici rather than a ramp due to its logistical advantages.

There are several different models of the vertical wheelchair lift; the enclosed model includes a platform on which the wheelchair can sit and around which walls enclose the area before elevation begins. This is especially useful in outdoor areas where changing weather conditions can compromise safety. The shaftway vertical wheelchair lift model fits within walls much like an elevator and can be used in both public buildings and residential homes. The STAAGE model includes only a platform and is often used for shorter elevations such as raising a wheelchair to the height of a platform or handicapped accessible vehicle. An OPAL vertical wheelchair lift resembles an enclosed model with walls on either side but does not feature a “ceiling” enclosure.

A vertical wheelchair lift can mean a life of independence and activity for those who are physically challenged. Whether it’s installed in the interior of a home or put to use in a public building as a service to its guests, a vertical wheelchair lift can bring transformation to many people’s lives.

What to Expect with Moving Help

Should anything be damaged, they should be willing to repair or replace it at their cost. Everyone involved should be friendly, hard working, and the price should be right for the work involved. Don’t assume all furniture movers in Chicago are the same though with what they offer, how they work, or the cost.

On Time and Ready to Work

Reputation speaks volumes about the furniture movers in Chicago ready to work and get the job done. Find out who is well regarded for showing up on time and being ready to work. Find out who has a great reputation for the way in which the pack and label your boxes. They can’t just be tossing items into the boxes and taping them up. Everything has to be inventoried and secured.

Heavy Item Moving

What is their process for the heavy items you need to have moved? Look for furniture movers in Chicago with the best practices in place. They should use equipment such as a dolly to assist with the heavier items. They should wrap them securely with heavy clothes or rugs to prevent them from rubbing on each other during the transit.

Stacking and Moving

The items from your home can’t be randomly put into the moving truck. Instead, the furniture movers in Chicago need to have expertise to identify what to put in there first. Their goal needs to be to maximize the use of the space they have. This includes stacking boxes and furniture. Yet they also need to secure those items. If they are mobile during transit, it can be a fiasco.

Find out in advance what the policy and procedure is for filing a claim if anything is damaged or ruined during the move. Ideally, the company should be willing to repair or replace it. Yet it can be tough to get them to do it with some of the sticky contracts out there. The same with items you feel are missing when you unpack.

Find out about the reputation of the company in regard to this before you hire them. If they have a sketchy image due to such problems, it can make you worry about their integrity. It doesn’t hurt to ask about the types of background checks the company performs on their employees before they hire them. Such information can be very important to the outcome of your move. There is this awesome online platform which connects customers with reputable movers in Chicago called EasyMove so you can get moving help from a trusted platform online and from the comfort of your home.

Friendly and Professional

You never want to feel uneasy with the furniture movers in Chicago in your home. They should be friendly but also professional. You should be able to ask questions and get information without it being a hassle or getting the run around. Make sure you always have a supervisor you can call if you aren’t happy with something taking place on site.


The company should stick to the pricing they gave you in the original quote. From time to time, there will be changes that have to be made on site. That can increase the overall pricing but you should feel those extra costs are justified. If you don’t, make sure you speak to the supervisor or the owner for additional clarification. If you still don’t feel they are warranted, ask them to remove the fees.